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Zumba during ATW's 2015 Health Family Fair

Avenues to Wellness

Avenues to Wellness was established by the Howard Foundation in August 2013. The program was conceived after many months of brainstorming meetings by a handful of health care professionals,

Board Members of the Howard Foundation, and other interested and devoted community members wanting to bring a community approach to Wellness. Avenues to Wellness, as a community wellness program, recognizes the value of an integrated approach to health care. ATW offers health education classes, speakers presenting a variety of health related topics, an annual free healthy family fair, and collaborates with other agencies to encourage local residents to maximize their well-being.  Avenues to Wellness is a program for the entire community, serving all age groups, income levels, health orientations, and belief systems. We strive to increase the health of the entire community from Redwood Valley to Round Valley, and hope to soon construct a Wellness Center. The current staff of ATW consists of:

Suzanne Picetti-Johnson, MS, Director

Ananda Johnson, Assistant

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The Foundation is a non-profit 501c3

Frank R. Howard Foundation
The Frank R. Howard Foundation's mission is to establish, promote and support programs that maintain, as well as improve, health care for the community of Willits and the entire Northern Mendocino County area.​ The construction of the new Frank R. Howard Foundation Medical Campus represents a local, ongoing commitment to the communities of Northern Mendocino County to provide quality healthcare. The Board of Directors for the Howard Foundation is in alignment with goals regarding the construction and operation of a medical campus that serves as a comprehensive center for healing and wellness. As such, the Foundation has been working hard to establish complementary programs and services that explicitly conform to this end goal. We are excited about moving forward with Avenues to Wellness. Read more about the Frank R. Howard Foundation at www.howardfoundation.org.



The Frank R. Howard Foundation's Commonwealth Garden