Favorite Links for Helpful Information

Local Information


Water conservation tips


Local hiking trails


Local farmers market


Healthy Mendocino works to improve quality of life in Mendocino County by encouraging informed dialogue about the actions local residents and organizations can take to improve community health.


Mendocino County Health & Human Services - Public Health


Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital


Mendocino Coast Wellness Program


County-wide health information and resources


Mental Health Line

1-800-555-5906 or 456-3850 24/7


Alcohol and Drug Counseling



Treating a rattlesnake bite


Lyme Disease information





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Resources for wellness

We want to provide you with information that is relative to living in our community that may be especially helpful to you.  Water conservation, gardening, and health resources were chosen to start with.  Check back frequently for updates!


Food to delight and keep a body healthy

The following sites are helpful in meal planning, special diet ideas, adjusting menus to reduce fat, sugar, salt, and some great ideas for school lunches that are very kid friendly. 


Delicious and healthy recipes by Jamie Oliver

Healthy Eating w/ the Foodnetwork

Converting Recipes for Health

How We Feed Children Lunch

World's Healthiest Foods

Power Up With Fruits and Vegetables - Recipes

Food Safety Issues and How Many

Fruits and Vegetables You Should Be Eating

Making Healthy Choices at Fast Food Resturants

Nutrition 101


Helpful sites to visit for Body Mass Index Calculator, Calorie Burner Calculator, Target Health Rate Calculaor, and much more:







Sites with your wellness in mind

The following sites offer a variety of information on particular health challenges, prevention issues, and optimizing your health:


Health Mendocino

Healthy Living from the CDC

Men's Health

Gender Specific Medicine

Tools for Increasing Personal Wellness

Exercise and Fitness Guide

Sleep Help

Stress Management & Emotional Wellbeing