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Let us know about your success in bringing better health and wellness into your life! What are your challenges . . . what works well? What motivates you to add more movement or healthier food choices into your day? What additional support would help motivate you? Email us at:


Here's what some of the local health providers and administrators said about supporting Howard Foundation's Avenues to Wellness for our community:


"When I'm sick I'm glad to have a focus on getting well, but we need to go beyond healing our ills. I'm so glad we have a wellness program that focuses on keeping us well and preventing us from getting sick." Jed Diamond, PhD


"As a long-time health care administrator, I have seen first hand the benefits to the community of providing programs and services that promote health and wellness. I am proud to be part of this effort." Terry Hansen, Hospital Admin., Health Educator


"A phenomenal portion of health problems and health care expenditures would be eliminated if people would behave in healthy ways and avoid the behaviors that destroy their health. It is our duty, as health care providers, to encourage them in that endeavor." Ace Barash, MD


"We need all the help we can get to increase our awareness of our body-mind, to release old patterns and to make gentle changes. Adaptation to these changes is enhanced when we come together as a community and support each other. It is a delight to see this long-held dream of a community wellness program come to fruition." Diane Smalley, L.Ac. 


"Our community is great! I'm so happy that individuals from diverse backgrounds have come together to create a program that can benefit the health of the entire community. ATW supports individuals making the important choice to actively engage in reaching their optimal health." Doreen Blumenfeld, CHT